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Bruce and Jackie Beede
Jackie and Bruce Beede

AIM, Inc., is a premier coaching and consulting partner, driven to make a difference in the competitiveness of America.  Successful, efficient, loyal, and engaged customers and employees, visionary leaders, innovative culture, and ambitious... those are our customers!

AIM, Inc., by partnering with over 50 other experts to ensure we are able to address your needs, specializes in the following services:
  • Strategic Planning Systems and Environmental Scans
  • Performance Excellence Coaching
  • Baldrige-based Assessment & Application Writing
  • Process and System Design and Improvement
  • Measurement System Design, Implementation, & Review
  • Culture Assessments
  • Training and Public Speaking in a Variety of Areas (Performance Excellence, Baldrige, Process Improvement Methodology [PDCA], Systems Thinking for Leaders)
Our Vision
"To be considered a contributor in the growth of America's competence and confidence in the world community."
"Make a difference everyday in the competitiveness of US business, education, and healthcare communities by helping to build strong, focused organizations - especially in industries that have few role models of success."



Leadership - We inspire others to act and help enable that action.

Enthusiasm - We inspire others to act through the strength of our commitment and enthusiasm.
Trust - We believe in striving toward excellence through competence and trustworthiness.
Integrity - We conduct our business ethically and honestly.
Ongoing Improvement - We are continually learning, growing, and improving how we do business.
Dedication - We are dedicated to our clients' success and long-term growth as a means of achieving our mission.

Accelerated Improvement Mentoring
We are a Disabled Veteran
Owned Enterprise

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